Throughout my career I have participated actively in many projects, many teams and I have designed and implemented a lot of libraries and applications (desktop and web).
Some of the projects I have been involved are listed on Resume page. These projects are related to different areas. Bellow are some of them:

  • News distribution
  • Retail
  • Warehouse management
  • Debt collection
  • Data analysis

As a Java enthusiast and mentor I encouraged open source and social coding initiative.
I have created and I also have been contributing on many projects released under an Open Source License.
Below are the top 3 open source projects (from a list of over 20 projects) initiated by me:

  • Pippo (A Micro Java Web Framework)  
  • PF4J (A powerful plugin framework for Java)  
  • NextReports (Ad Hoc Query and Reporting tool that promotes simple, fast and powerful report creation)

I believe that it’s a challenge to validate an idea via an open source project, to create a community of users and developers around it, to preserve good quality, to grow and be useful to others.