I started working in Java in late 1997 (JDK 1.1) at faculty.
My first serious project with this fascinate language was in 1998 when I used Java to create an image processing application (reduction of colours from an image using vectorial quantum) as diploma project.

For the past 18 years I have been working in Java, actively involving in many projects and many teams. I have designed and implemented a lot of libraries and applications (desktop and web). After all these years I am happy to see that I work with the same passion as I did at the beginning.

And as I gained experience, I held progressively position, passing from developer to senior developer, team leader and architect.
Three years ago I started giving back to the software community a part of what I took from it, with added value. I created a few open source projects on GitHub and on this occasion I met skillful people who shared my enthusiasm for software development.
My opinion is that today's Java is not as just a programming language, it's much more, a valuable ecosystem with very interesting and mature components who are constantly being improved.

Long life Java!